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"The MYTHS + FEARS That Are Stopping You From Learning How To Tattoo..."

The thing is, the idea of learning how to tattoo is both exciting and scary at the same time...

When you're dealing with real human flesh (and not even your own)...it's normal to feel fear.

Who wouldn't, right?

But here's the thing...

"Every Single Tattoo Artist In The World Started Out With The Same Fears As You..."

Remember, tattoo artists are not born tattoo artists.

They are made.

They started from nothing just like you with...

No tattoo skills at all (or even drawing skills for that matter)...

No expert mentor or tattoo artist to help guide them...

Very little to no support from friends or even family...

And maybe even very little money...

But what these future tattoo artists DID do was continue to learn, overcome their fears, invest in their tattoo education, and most of all...

They let their burning PASSION to learn how to tattoo fuel their success.

So what's really stopping you from learning?

Is it fear?

Is it the lies you've been told about learning how to tattoo?

Let's DEBUNK some of the common MYTHS and FEARS that may roadblocking your path to learning how to tattoo...

5 Common MYTHS + FEARS About Learning How To Tattoo...

MYTH #1: "I Can't Draw Very Well, So I Can't Tattoo..."

Fact: Your drawing can always be greatly improved. It's a skill that can be learned. ​A little tattoo "hack" that will improve your drawing is picking out a piece of your favorite tattoo flash art. Get some light tracing paper, and then put the paper over the piece and trace it. This way you train your brain MUCH faster to learn how to draw. Your line skills will improve (important to tattooing), and so will your overall drawing skill levels. Try it. Another tip is to draw the SAME thing only, every day, for 30 days. And nothing else. Watch what happens.

MYTH #2: "I Lack Experience and Confidence So I Can't Be Any Good..."

Fact: This one is a biggie. How do you expect to get experience or confidence if you never try to tattoo? Experience comes with taking ACTION. What you want to do is learn how to "fail fast". That way you'll move forward to success. Along the way you'll gain momentum, better skills, and of course...confidence in every aspect of the tattooing process.

MYTH #3: "I Have To Learn As An Apprentice or From a Tattoo School..."

Fact: Nonsense. ​Sure, learning from a skilled tattoo artist is ideal. But it today's world, finding a willing tattoo artist to train you and help you is like finding a needle in a haystack. The game is changing. You don't have to fork over $10,000 to a tattoo school or an apprenticeship program to get started tattooing. All you have to do is get access to the right information...and learn. I'll show you something soon that will help you.

MYTH #4: "I Can't Tattoo Because I'm Female and I Won't Get Respect..."

Fact: Once again, total BS. Tell that the super talented, London based tattoo artist Valerie Vargas or the tattoo pioneer Vyvyn Lazonga and I bet you'd get a nice chuckle. The thing is, no matter if you're male or female...the end goal is to let your artwork do all the talking for you. That's how you get respect. But you can't get respect if you never start.

MYTH #5: "I Can't Be Good At Tattooing Because I'll Mess Up..."

Fact: You will mess up. But that comes with the territory. Every single tattoo artist on this planet messes up, even now. The thing is, your biggest fear is most likely the fear of messing up on human flesh. This is understandable. But the thing is, when you learn how to tattoo correctly and get more experience, the chances of messing up will become much less. AND...the truth is, pro tattoo artists still screw up a times, but they know how to correct and fix and correct the issues as they continue to finish a new tattoo.

Do any of those myths or fears about learning how to tattoo ring true for you?

My guess is yes.

​Now that I've addressed the fears you may have about learning how to tattoo, it's time to get to the good stuff.

It's time to kick your fears to the curb, and start taking actions so you can learn how to create beautiful and stunning tattoos.

Tattoos that come complete with smooth lines, brilliant and bold color work, and even black and grey shading.

So where should you start?

​Click below to find out...

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Brendan "Tattoo Action" Jackson

Evolving Artist | Tattoo Info Expert | Surfer